Yahoo! Slurp and googlebot(at) causing Cannot use a leading .. to exit above the top directory

Since I launched my new site, I've been having this strange error.
As I have added ELMAH logging, I have been picking up a strange error. The error contains the following message:

Cannot use a leading .. to exit above the top directory.

It's with great pride and joy, I announce my new site:

I have developed this with my partner in crime - Koldfu5ion - who as you can see has some wicked design skills.
We initially launched this site as, solely focusing on Xbox game, but have now taken the leap to go multiplatform.

It's been a long hard year, and taken many many hours of my free time away from family and social events to get this done.
I can finally sit back, put my feet up, and marvel at a creation that has taken it's sweet time to come to be.

But not too long, got bugs to fix, features to add  .... my lord, it's a never ending task!!